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Hi, I'm Davina, founder of Core Holistic. I'm an Ayurvedic, Reiki Practitioner and Registered Nurse BUT what I really do is help my clients feel better by utilising Eastern and Western to help guide my clients on their journey towards total wellbeing to live a healthy and content life.


Based in Bondi Junction, Sydney, my job is to share my love and passion for Ayurveda and to empower and educate my clients with the wisdom of the world's oldest traditional healing system.


The real reason I do what I do is with over 17 years of nursing I really have seen it all! I truly believe we should be able to use both Modern medicine as well as Eastern medicine to prevent disease and illness and to get to the root cause in order to create an healthy mind, body and spirit so that we can be our best self. I love meeting new and like minded people, developing a relationship and rapport is what I enjoy most. Get in touch for an appointment and start your journey towards total wellbeing TODAY!

My Qualifications

Certificate in Holistic Counselling, Natural Energies College, Australia, present

Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda, Australasian institute of Ayurvedic studies (A.I.A.S), New Zealand, 2015-2018


Reiki Degree 1 & 2, Soul Medicine, Australia, 2018


Bachelor of Nursing, University of Sydney, Australia 2001-2004

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